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2019 Active Living Conference

February 17-20, 2019 | Charleston, SC, USA

The premier multi-disciplinary conference for sharing the latest research, policies, and practices that advance activity-friendly communities for everyone.

Call for Abstracts

Active Living Research (ALR) and the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health invite abstracts to be considered for presentation at the 2019 Active Living  Conference

The deadline for abstract submissions is August 31, 2018.
Please note: There will be no extension of this deadline.

Two decades of research and evaluation of community interventions and policies have produced considerable knowledge about the benefits of designing communities that promote daily physical activity for everyone.

However, much remains to be learned about both the positive and adverse outcomes of active living environmental and policy initiatives. Multiple and complex results are expected when active living improvements are made to transportation infrastructure, urban planning, schools and expanded learning environments, parks and recreation, and rural environments, among other contexts.

The 2019 Active Living Conference theme will address the Intended and Unintended Outcomes of Building Active and Healthy Communities. Examples of such outcomes include challenges, solutions, and lessons learned related to gentrification, pollution mitigation, shifting rural landscapes, economic development, sun exposure, injury prevention, health equity, social inclusion, and community engagement and empowerment.

Research and Practice/Policy Focus Areas
Our aim is to make the Active Living Conference the premier venue for policy-relevant research and cross-sector exchange among scientists, practitioners, and policy makers on how to create and sustain active living environments. The conference agenda will have two focus areas: 1) research and 2) practice/policy. The goal of these focus areas is to encourage a broad audience to attend the conference and provide opportunities for exchange on how to use evidence to increase physical activity in diverse settings. Research and practice/policy presentations will be integrated and organized by topic area.

General Guidelines
Abstracts related to active living environments and policies in all settings are invited for submission. We encourage abstracts related to the conference theme (though this is not a requirement) and abstracts on research and practice/policies that inform strategies for increasing physical activity among racially and ethnically diverse populations, people with disabilities, and those living in lower-income communities who are at greatest risk for physical inactivity and its related diseases. Abstracts describing research results, program evaluations, methodological advances, translation of research to practice and policy, promising practices and policy innovations on all topics related to active living are welcome. Progress towards creating more activity-friendly communities requires learning across many disciplines and regions, so abstracts from all fields of research and practice are invited, as are abstracts with an international focus. Abstracts focused solely on behavior change at the individual level and studies related to obesity treatments will not be accepted.

Abstract Submission Types
Abstracts can be submitted under the following three categories: 1) Workshop; 2) Research; or 3) Practice/Policy.

For full submission guidelines visit the Call for Papers page

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Chair Emeritus
  • Jim Sallis, Active Living Research, USA

Panelists include

Program Committee
  • Arlie Adkins, USA
  • Olivia Affuso, USA
  • Gina Besenyi, USA
  • Charlene Burgeson, USA
  • Anna Joo Kim, USA
  • Kelly Kavanaugh, USA
  • Louise Mâsse, USA
  • Gavin McCormack, Canada
  • Noreen McDonald, USA
  • Jenny Mindell, UK
  • Lilian Perez, USA
  • Kevin Roth, USA
  • Bianca Shulaker, USA
  • Amanda Walker, USA

Local Partners

  • Keith Benjamin, USA
  • Daniel Bornstein, USA
  • Morgan Hughey, USA
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