WS 1.3 Enhancing measures selection using the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) Measures Registry and User Guides

Workshop provider(s)

D. Berrigan*1, R. Ballard2, G. Welk3, J.F. Sallis4
1National Cancer Institute, USA, 2NIH Office of Disease Prevention, USA, 3Iowa State University, USA, 4University of California, San Diego, USA

Workshop description

Selection of valid and appropriate measures of physical activity (PA) and food intake at the individual level as well as the environmental forces that influence these behaviors is a critical element of research and evaluation concerning active living. The NCCOR Measures Registry is a searchable data base of 1207 validation studies concerning behavior and environmental measures relevant to childhood obesity research. Recently, NCCOR, with funding from The JPB Foundation, commissioned the development of four detailed User Guides introducing critical issues in measurement and designed to facilitate effective use of both individual and environmental measures of PA and food intake. The guides include a series of case studies illustrating use of the guides and registry to help in the selection of appropriate use of high quality measures for a variety of research and practice purposes.

In this workshop, participants will hear brief summaries of the main features of the registry and user guides interspersed with hands-on use of the resources and discussion of critical issues in measures selection. Case studies will cover a range of uses, including randomized experimental designs, implementation studies, collecting evidence to guide planning and programs, and evaluation of programs. Cases will be selected to have relevance to researchers and practitioners from multiple sectors.

Discussion and presentation will emphasize practical considerations such as tradeoffs between respondent burden and data detail and the complementary uses of device-based versus self-reported measures of PA. The workshop will include material on diet and food environments as well as aspects of PA and PA environments. While the focus of NCCOR and its measurement tools is on children, principles of measures selection apply across the life course and environmental measures may be equally relevant to adults and children. In sum, this workshop will introduce participants to state of the art tools and guidance concerning measures selection, facilitated by leading obesity, diet, PA, and environment oriented public health researchers.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will be able to navigate the NCCOR Measures Registry to find measures suitable for their purposes.
2. Participants will be able to refer to the Measures Registry Users Guides for guidance on how to select measures of physical activity, diet, and the environments that influence them using the background information and case studies presented in the guides.
3. Participants will be able to discuss critical issues and tradeoffs associated with measures selection in the four domains addressed by the registry and guides.

Interactive Features

1. Guided introduction to using the NCCOR Measures Registry with user supplied laptops.
2. Experience following the User Guide process for selecting several potential measures and then narrowing the options to final choices.
3. Moderated discussion addressing challenges in measures selection.

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