WS 1.4: How can changes in your environment impact physical activity opportunities?

Workshop provider(s)

 L. Wright*1, C. Fenlon-MacDonald1
1Be Fit For Life Network, Canada, 2Ever Active Schools, Canada

Workshop description

How can an environment support physical activity participation?  This workshop will share two projects from partner organizations working in Alberta. The Don’t Walk in the Hallway project from Ever Active Schools reminds schools that the environments that we operate in provide cues, nudges and incentives that influence our behaviour.  Using colourful hallway decals as movement temptations, this project has challenged schools to think differently about school hallways as spaces where physical activity can be promoted during instructional time and class transitions. Ever Active Schools will share how school communities in Alberta have embraced the idea of a movement-positive culture by adopting activity permissive learning environments.

Over the past few years, there has been emerging research indicating that the use of painted lines on playground tarmac surfaces, can be an effective and low cost means to help increase moderate to vigorous physical activity levels in children.  As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the University of Calgary, the Faculty of Kinesiology gave the “Gift of Play” to 50 schools in the Calgary area that are in need of a playground pick-me-up. As a legacy to this project, we  have distributed stencil kits from this project to each of the nine Be Fit For Life Centre’s across Alberta. The Move & Play at Recess resource is available for download and  can be used to supplement activities in the classroom, quality physical education, and in conjunction with games enjoyed during free play.  The University of Calgary Kinesiology is currently leading research on the Gift of Play to study the effectiveness of the painted lines.  Be Fit For Life will share how using painted lines, chalk and tape on outdoor play tarmacs have engage students, teachers, and communities in hopping, skipping, and jumping outdoors!

Learning Objectives

This workshop will:

1. Provide participants an overview of two projects that have used a strategy of modifying the environment to increase physical activity in school communities.

2. Provide participants an opportunity to explore how they can change an environment from passive to active using a variety of technique for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Interactive Features

This session will provide an opportunity to use decals, floor markings, and tape to create patterns and opportunities to be active. Examples will be shared from the use of these resources in Alberta School Communities to inspire participants to create their own active environments in this session.

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