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The Active Living Conference’s partner journals have been chosen to reflect the range of interests of Active Living Conference participants and presenters, with the aim of disseminating work to researchers and practitioners in diverse disciplines. The expectation is that the editors of the Supporting Publications will welcome submissions of papers based on  Active Living Conference presentations, and may also directly invite submissions from authors of presentations they find interesting for their journals. Depending on how many  papers a given journal receives, these may be collected as a special issue or special section within that journal. We hope that this arrangement is flexible enough to accommodate the needs and wishes of authors and editors, and will give your research the maximum exposure to the most relevant audiences.

If you do submit a paper to one of these journals based on your Active Living Conference presentation, please ensure that you state this in your covering letter, e.g., “This paper is based on my presentation at the 2020 Active Living Conference. I am therefore submitting it to [journal title] as a Supporting Publication of AL 2020.” Note that of course this does not guarantee acceptance for publication.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Amanda Walker of Active Living Research: (Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances)

Applied Surface Science

The Journal of Transport & Health is devoted to research on the many interactions between transport and health. These include, for instance:

  • the various impacts of transport on public health and inequality
  • road danger and its reduction:
  • factors affecting transport choices:
  • synergies between sustainability and health impacts of transport;
  • economic and health impact assessments;
  • and policies that promote or discourage healthy and sustainable transport modes, transport systems and communities.

The journal is now listed in Thomson Reuters’ Social Sciences Citation Index from Volume 1 and the European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Find out more

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism offers a dedicated outlet for research relevant to social sciences and natural resources.

The journal publishes peer reviewed original research on all aspects of outdoor recreation planning and management, covering the entire spectrum of settings from wilderness to urban outdoor recreation opportunities. It also focuses on new products and findings in nature based tourism and park management. Find out more.


Cities offers a comprehensive range of articles on all aspects of urban policy. It provides an international and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and information between urban planners and policy makers from national and local government, non-government organizations, academia and consultancy.

The primary aims of the journal are to analyse and assess past and present urban development and management as a reflection of effective, ineffective and non-existent planning policies; and the promotion of the implementation of appropriate urban policies in both the developed and the developing world. Find out more.

Journal of Transport Geography

The Journal of Transport Geography is a leading interdisciplinary journal focusing on the geographical dimensions of transport, travel and mobility. It is international in its outlook, and welcomes both conceptual papers and theoretically-informed, empirically-oriented contributions on the movement of people, goods and/or information by any mode and at every geographical scale. Find out more.

Landscape and Urban Planning

Landscape and Urban Planning is an international journal aimed at advancing conceptual, scientific, and applied understandings of landscape in order to promote sustainablesolutions for landscape change. Multiple disciplines and perspectives are required to understand landscapes and align social and ecological values to ensure the sustainability of landscapes. The journal is based on the premise that landscape science linked to planning and design can provide mutually supportive outcomes for people and nature. Find out more.

Health and Place

Health & Place is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the study of all aspects of health and health care in which place or location matters.

Recent years have seen closer links evolving between medical geography, medical sociology, health policy, public health and epidemiology. The journal reflects these convergences, which emphasise differences in health and health care between places, the experience of health and care in specific places, the development of health care for places, and the methodologies and theories underpinning the study of these issues. Find out more.

Preventive Medicine

Founded in 1972 by Ernst Wynder, Preventive Medicine is an international scholarly journal that provides prompt publication of original articles on the science and practice of disease prevention, health promotion, and public health policymaking. Preventive Medicine aims to reward innovation. It will favor insightful observational studies, thoughtful explorations of health data, unsuspected new angles for existing hypotheses, robust randomized controlled trials, and impartial systematic reviews. Preventive Medicine's ultimate goal is to publish research that will have an impact on the work of practitioners of disease prevention and health promotion, as well as of related disciplines. Find out more.

Preventive Medicine

Land Use Policy is an international and interdisciplinary journal concerned with the social, economic, political, legal, physical and planning aspects of urban and rural land use. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information from the diverse range of disciplines and interest groups which must be combined to formulate effective land use policies. The journal examines issues in geography, agriculture, forestry, irrigation, environmental conservation, housing, urban development and transport in both developed and developing countries through major refereed articles and shorter viewpoint pieces. Find out more.

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