The Walking Classroom


Walk, Listen and Learn!  The Walking Classroom is an innovative, easy to implement, research-proven nonprofit program that enables students to get exercise while building core content knowledge.  Students listen to kid-friendly educational podcasts on pre-loaded devices while walking.  Each podcast also incorporates a health literacy message and character value. 

The idea is simple; students take brisk 20-minute walks while listening to custom-written, kid-friendly content that is aligned with state standards.  More than 150 podcasts on history, science, language arts and more ensure that students in grades 3-8 can use the program throughout the entire school year.  Each “WalkKit” audio device is ready to use right out of the box, and the included lesson plans help educators effectively discuss and review the podcast material.

The Walking Classroom increases physical activity, and it also engages different learning styles.  Students contending with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, lagging reading skills, etc. often struggle in a traditional classroom setting.  Listening and learning while walking enables students with divergent educational needs to be successful in school. 

After walking, listening and learning, students are in better moods, more focused, and are more engaged. Students retain the information longer, demonstrate improved behavior, and perform better in school.


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